Located in the north west of England, we have over 15 years experience in the design, manufacture and installaton of Passive Identification Transponder (PIT tag) based systems for fish and animal behaviour studies.We are always interested in talking to you whether you have just an idea for a project or have a detailed requirement. - Contact

Tracking of Freshwater Fish

Using PIT tags as small as 12mm x 2.2mm, we can provide complete solutions enabling the passage of individually identified fish to be logged along with time/date information. The movements of fish ranging in size from minnows to adult salmon can be monitored automatically 24 hours a day. Equipment is available for fish-passes, streams and fluvaria enabling detailed studies of fish behaviour to be carried out to assist in fisheries management and conservation of species. The insert above shows one of ten swim-through antennae at a site to study the efficiency of a fish pass.


Handheld Reader

Single button operation allows a PIT tag to be read and displayed on a high contrast LCD display. Powered by a PP3 battery this reader has an optional waterproof cover and is ideal for verifying PIT tag operation post application and for general use.



Custom software applications are developed in industry standard Microsoft Visual Basic ensuring compatibility with all current Microsoft Windows based PC operating systems. The example shown, displays (and logs to file) time and date stamped PIT tag events collected from up to 30 PIT readers connected via RS422 serial bus. The status of the individual readers is also shown. Data can be automatically e-mailed to users on a daily basis. Simpler utilities are available for communicating with individual readers


Stationary Reader

A choice of single-channel, 8-channel or 16-channel readers enable single or multiplexed antenna configurations to suit application requirements. Readers have RS232/RS422 interface and allow multi-drop communications. (16-channel multiplexed reader shown)


PIT Tags

12mm x 2.2mm PIT tags can be supplied loose or in pre-sterilised needle, whilst 34mm x 4mm tags are only supplied loose. Individually bagged tags with self adhesive barcode label (human readable) can be supplied as an option. Read range can be up to 25cm for 12mm tag and 60cm for 34mm tag although this is very dependent on reader/antenna combination.



Antennae fall into general categories of panel, loop or tube and are individually customised to suit an application. Antennae can be designed to IP68 specification.

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